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Is It A Good Idea To Teach Your Baby How To Swim?

yawning babyIf there is any kind of sport in this world that is good for you, then it has got to be swimming beyond the shadow of any doubt. Swimming can totally help you shape up, because it requires you to use many large muscle groups all at once. You burn a lot of calories by swimming for only half an hour or so. The water offers plenty of resistance. I do not thing that there are other sports out there that are so physically demanding of a person as swimming is. Not if you do it for a long time, that is. Apart from lifting heavy weights, I can not think of another sport that even comes close to swimming. Perhaps this is one of the main reasons why swimming has become much more popular than it ever was before, in recent years. Every single year, I see more and more people signing up to my local swimming club. There also seems to be a surge in subscriptions every 4 years, right after the olympics. I guess people want to be in shape just as nicely as those olympic swimmers.

weird babyBut enough about olympic swimming. That’s not what I want to focus on. These days… it’s all about swimming for babies. Ayup, that’s right. Babies are taking to the water en masse. You can not stop the babies! You must be thinking I have completely lost my marbles, but please hear me out. Baby swimming has become very popular indeed! This activity is nothing new. Mommies have been teaching their newborns to swim at an early age for a very long time already. When you think of it, it just makes sense. Babies spend the first 9 months of their lives floating around in a fluid. Does it not make perfect sense for them to dive right into another fluid after they have been born? Some mommies give their babies a water birth, although this does not have much to do with baby swimming, per se. It is, however, a good way of teaching that baby how to swim right after he is born. And the experience is also very soothing for both the mommy as well as the baby. I believe Paisley from the http://babygotstuff.com site has also done this. I can totally understand why a woman, who is giving birth to a baby, would want to be in a comfortable position when she is delivering her son or daughter. And I can’t think of anything that is more comfortable than a nice warm pool of water.

Teaching Babies How To Swim

toys babyThe thing with babies is that they must have a lot of care from their parents. And no matter how much you try to take care of that child, nothin you do will ever be good enough. Every parent is going to want the very best for their baby, and raising them can be tremendously hard work. You will need to buy that baby a lot of products in order to ensure that the kid is going to grow up a to become a healthy adult human being. You’re not going to be done with just a big stack of diapers and baby toys. Oh, no! If you are adamant about your child growing up healthy, then you will have to make sure he gets lots of physical exercise right from an early age on. And for that reason it is such a good idea to sign your baby boy or girl up to a swimming class for babies a few days or weeks after the birth. Swimming can be truly exhausting for adults. I’m sure you know this from your own experience. The same is true for babies. Swimming babies require loads of healthy nutrients and also lots of sleep. So you will need to buy a food maker along with a good baby crib (read this page on Baby Got Stuff to learn more). It’s the only way to properly feed and rest your baby. And then there is the little matter of transporting your baby from home to the swimming pool and back again. Naturally, you already own a car. Because if you didn’t, well… that would be ridiculous, ofcourse you have a car! A car seat can help you travel safely with your newborn child. Because a baby needs to be strapped in safely and comfortably, in case something bad happens. Holding him in your lap simply is not safe enough.

tower babyLet’s face it… you are going to pay your way to the poor house in order to raise your kid. So you might as well pony up that little bit extra to ensure that your child will learn how to swim properly. Think of it as an investment. An ongoing one, ofcourse. A baby’s swimming lessons are not finished once they have had a water birth. It is going to take more effort than that, buddy! If you want your child to become totally comfortable in the water, then you’re going to have to take another few weeks to months. A baby will always hold his or her breath under water. This instinct comes totally naturally. And that’s something you can totally make use of. Early age swimming lessons are one of the best investments that you can make for your newborn baby. Because it greatly decreases the risk of an accidental drowning later on in the child’s life. Not only is swimming a very healthy activity for young ones, it is also a great way of preventing them from drowning at a later time. As a parent, you will always want the very best for your child, so it only makes sense to teach your baby swimming right out of the womb. This is especially true if you just so happen to live near water. Maybe you know somebody how has accidentally lost a child because it got into the water without knowing how to swim.

Children have a natural ability to become one with the water. They will let themselves float in it naturally, as if they have never done anything else. It does not take much to teach a baby this very important skill. Children who have never been taught this as a baby, will have lost this innate skill by the time they become older. Babies, on the other hand, are totally fine with underwater swimming. So like they say… you have to work the iron while it’s hot. Make use of your baby’s natural instincts and get that kid in the water already!