02 11/14

Fitness: Get Started With That As Early As Possible

heavy weightsAs a child, I had the nasty habit of wanting to eat candy and cookies a lot. I was always stuffing my fave with all sorts of sweety, sugary crap and other types of junk food that were stuffed with these horribly bad for you refined sugars and carbs. I have been a fat kid throughout all my life. I did not like it then and I do not like it looking back on it. I was not only fat in my child years, I was also obese in my teenage years. I could never get over it and I thought I was disgusting. But for some reason, I kept eating comfort food because I needed to feel better about myself.

But that was a long time ago, and I have nothing to do with the person that I was back then. Back in those days, you did not have the Internet yet. There were no communities that you could easily join up to and other people that you could relate to. There was nobody out there that could help you because they had already been in the same situation. There was no Bulk Board yet. I first walked into a gym when I was just out of puberty. I needed to bring up a lot of courage because I was pretty embarassed at the sorry state of my heinously obese body.

But despite the fact that I was afraid, I went ahead and did it anyway because I knew this would change my life for the better for sure. Looking back on it, I can honestly say that this was one of the greatest decisions that I have made in my entire life. I can’t fathom why I did not join up sooner, because I would have had my results so much sooner. I have postponed this for a long, long time. The way I feel about it now, I should have joined the gym way back in my mid teenager years already. But you know… the past is the past, and I don’t want to dwell on it for too long. I would rather be nice to myself and forgive myself my past mistakes.

increase powerBut I started exercising when I was in my early twenties and in the grand scheme of things, that is still pretty early. The way things are going now, humans will probably end up having 100 year lifespans or something like that. So if I just keep going to the gym religiously like I am doing right now, then I will have worked out a good 80 years of my life when I finally croak. In the big picture of a human life, I do not think this is bad at all.

The way that I have worked out has constantly changed with every passing year. When I was just beginning, I honestly did not have a clue and I just did not know what I was doing. I simply went from one exercise machine to another and I could feel that it was having a good effect on me, so I was not in a hurry to come up with a decent plan. I had no plan. I was working out every single day because I was convinced that was the quickest way of getting to a slim body. I did one muscle group on one day, and the next day I would do another muscle group.

But on some days, I would do multiple muscle groups at a time. Sometimes, I would benchpress, then train my shoulders with dumb bells and then do pull ups at the high bar. In the first few years of working out, I was just sort of going at it randomly like I did not give a flying you know what. I was pretty fat, so despite the fact that I did not stick to any particular plan, I was having great results in those first few years of hitting the gym.

lift weights build bodyBut at some point in your work outs, you will hit a ceiling. And you are starting to ask yourself… when are the *real* results coming for me? So that is about the time when you start reading up. You join a community here, sign up to a forum there, you read a couple of books on the topic of fitness, etc. I have joined the Fitness subreddit on the Reddit website. I strongly feel that this is a tremendous source of information where you can find one gem after another without having to search high and low. There was so much to learn in there, that it took my whole fitness routine to a completely new level.

Sometimes, you’ll need some supplements. Proteins are a good start. Creatine is also a good idea to add to your daily diet. And don’t forget about testosterone boosters. These are completely natural additions to your diet and can truly help your body increase its testosterone. These boosters have started becoming more and more popular in the past few years. They are totally legit as well. You do need to make sure to get one of the better ones, to ensure that it actually works.

I was signed up pretty much right from the get go. As a matter of fact, I believe I was one of the very first subscribers on there. I do not post a whole lot. I mostly lurk and see what others have to say about it. There is so much to learn from all these other guys on that subreddit, which I am constanly applying at my own gym. My weight lifting ceilings have been completely crushed ever since I joined up and I would not consider ever leaving it.

lifting at the gymI came up with a real training regimen. An actual schedule to stick to. A plan to follow. A goal. And it had been a long time coming. I needed to get some *real* results, fast. Because having lost a lot of weight was not good enough. Being slim is alright, but I wanted to pack on muscle. I wanted a six pack. You can lose lots of pounds, but it doesn’t mean you will be in good shape. Skinny fat, is what they call it. That is what I was. And I still hated myself. Despite the fact that I have kept up both the cardio as well as the resistance training, I did not get into the shape that I had always dreamed of from the first time I realized that I was fat.

But there came a day that I was fed up with it. I start reading up, joined forums and learned more and more. Before you know it, I had an actual plan. I followed my plan, stuck to it, kept visualizing my goals, and kept going at it for months at a time. I have long since achieved my goals and have never looked back. And with the help of some boosters, I can rest assured that I will be keeping my performance up for a long time to come. Deal with a decline in your t-levels before they drop too low!